Impressions of autumn in Australia: acrylic landscape

Autumn. Even the word evokes a flurry of warm colours, all the while the mercury drops. 

It is my favourite season. For the music it inspires (think Vivaldi’s Autumn), for the soft cracks and rustles of falling branches, leaves riding zephyrs. For the gentle birdsong of those that remain, as winter waits on patiently to pounce on all. Nothing will escape winter’s grasp, not even the colours.

Autumn, view from balcony. Acrylics on canvas. © Copyright The Antipodean Adrift 2017.

And what a sight are these colours! The fire crimson’s determination to give one last spectacular show of defiance, clementine orange to invigorate the senses and gold, glorious gold everywhere! Yellow-tinted greens that move my Saturday sluggishness to a state of action.

Now where’s that paintbrush? Where is my complete set of acrylic colours – complete, for I will need just about everything in my possession to eke out an impression of autumn’s defiant glory.

Autumn, I dedicate my eyes to you.

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