Antipodean Adrift is back and rising from its deep slumber.

I know, I’ve been very very naughty. Not a peep, not a word from a blog that goodness knows how much I have been paying for to keep the domain name and address barely alive over the past two years.

I have no excuses for this radio silence save for following a 9am-5pm full time working life recipe. Now that I have settled somewhat in to this new suburban life of rumbling top load washing machines and Ikea Poäng rocking chairs, I figured it’s time to set myself off and return to a world of reflection through words in bits and bytes. Bravo me, delaying my 2015 NY resolution until winter 2017. Better late than never, I suppose!

I have settled on a double life of happy worker bee by day… and amateur artisan deranged by the not-so-gentle squeeze around the neck that is also known as deep, relentless ennui and distaste for the winter cold in *bleep* *bleep*. Why don’t I move someplace warmer, you ask?


Well indeed.

In any case, here I am, swaddled in all the fabrics I can lay my hands on, including: one pima cotton singlet, one fleece PJ, one fleecey Dr Who hoodie, one cotton hoodie bigger than fleece Dr Who fleece hoodie overlaid by a man’s track fleece sports jacket in daggy cobalt blue which in turn sits snugly beneath a rabbit fur jacket trimmed with fox fur, all of which are keeping a lacey racey fireman red bra hidden from view.. All that, tied together by my dutiful and paint-splattered apron. Oh and PJ pants. Don’t forget the pants. Very important.

In the snap winter freeze characteristic of my new home, I find myself reimagined as a trussed chicken, stuffed with a shrinking ego and a desire to fly away, to Curaçao, to Paris, to greener pastures.

View of tree-dotted roads. Charcoal on paper. Copyright The Antipodean Adrift.jpg
View of tree-dotted roads. Charcoal on paper. Copyright The Antipodean Adrift 2017.

In the meantime, here’s a 10 minute charcoal sketch of the sun falling away from the world beyond, during last evening’s walk. It’s my first en plein air sketch in charcoal, so forgive the haphazard representation of perspective.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more.

The Antipodean Adrift

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