One delightful 2016, coming up!

My phone emits a tinny alien-like tune: bee boop bee boop. It’s 7am, on the dot. I rub my eyes, I rub my belly to lull the pangs and dull aches, all the while muttering to myself why, oh why work on the last day of the year?

Reluctant to emerge out of this half-slumber, I let out a yawn, arching my back until the glissando of creaks and cracks are hammered out of my spine.

Cat, run not me from. Kind am I. © The Antipodean Adrift 2015
Cat, run not me from. Kind am I. © The Antipodean Adrift 2015

But crawl out I did, and I set to work on a morning report for work. That nobody is going to read anyway. Why? Because the New Year is just around the corner, and what precious time available in its Eve should naturally be spent planning a fun evening – be it a bacchanalian night with mates, a sexy midnight rendezvous with a heartsick stranger (maybe even two, depending on your predilection), or simply an all-out pre-Star Wars: The Force Awakens marathon so you won’t have to be that person who asks “What’s a yoda?” at the end of the new movie run.

FYI. I took pains to watch the first two of seven Star Wars movies, so you can bet I won’t be asking that question.

In any case, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and many happy reflections on the old year too. Even though my web entries generally splutter out mopey, somewhat sad and gooey textures and aura, 2015 has been a good year to me and I’d like to dedicate this half of today’s post to sing my hallelujahs to 2015.

  1. I’ve got a temporary job

Experience is the spice of a cookie cutter life, don’t you know?

  1. I have a full time job lined up for next year

An actual career in the making, why not? Hurrah!

  1. I think my cat is inching his way towards a healthier weight range

No more fat jokes – you’ll only hurt my feelings as his mother.

  1. I have been seeing my best friends a lot more thanks to reshuffled priorities

Karaoke nights! Food adventures! Art stops! Language spa sessions! Friends before boyfies and mayflies, always.

  1. Speaking of mayflies, I am finally able to view my dates as clothes and later (but not soon enough sometimes), as plastic hangers

This change of perspective is terrible admittedly, eh but it works both ways. Non recyclable. Zero distress, zero mess, and hello, good looking. Tu parles français et quoi d’autre ?

Whipped cream, salt and vinegar crisps, pretzel, Oreo cookie in a coconut? That's enough food adventure for one day. © The Antipodean Adrift 2015
Whipped cream, salt and vinegar crisps, pretzel, Oreo cookie in a coconut? That’s enough food adventure for one day. © The Antipodean Adrift 2015
  1. Language apps

Enough said.

That’s 2015 in a cracked nutshell.

What of the New Year?

I’m just hoping for good news – day in, day out. Already things are looking sunny, now that my eyes are adjusting, post-alarm(ing) awakening.

Today, my social media news feed is awash with feel good news, which is always (imho) preferable to the slice and dice stories the media enjoys dishing out daily.

Story 1: Obama cries during Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin’s performance at the 38th Annual Kennedy Center Honors.

Story 2: An Australian shopkeeper handed the keys of his supermarket to firefighters and told them to take anything they need to help them in the battle against a bushfire

hony special ed teacher.jpg
Facebook: Humans of New York entry. Link provided in Story 3.

Story 3: A special education school teacher reflects on her professional experiences to Humans of New York: “I had one student who came to my school as an ‘emergency transfer.’ He was fourteen when he came into my class. He’d kick, bite, scream. He’d even pee his pants just to take them off and throw them at you. I taught him for several years. Recently he graduated, and to celebrate I took him to see The Minions. He stood in line to get his popcorn. He sat still through the entire movie. He was able to ‘be there.’ And that’s what gives me the most satisfaction. Getting my students to the point where they can be in this world.” … “Anytime I feel myself burning out, or losing patience, or not giving it my all, I pull back and do some meditation. Because if I’m not fully present and trying my hardest to make a difference, I should just quit.”

I think I’d like that to be like this school teacher too.

Let’s see, many servings of good news and “in this world” opportunities, and one infinite drink of motivation, please.

Thank you, kind waiter. And a Happy New Year.

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